What Healing benefits?

   The human body is electric because our cells are electric. Disorders and diseases of the body have vibrational frequencies that are incompatible with healthy cells; thus, they disrupt the cells' natural oscillation and polarity. This disruption creates imbalance and chaos within each affected cell. When cells are in an imbalanced state, they are unable to facilitate the body's functions needed for healing, including ridding itself of heavy metals, parasites and other toxins. But when cells are fully charged, they have more oxygen and are able to experience electrical balance, which results in a feeling of a healthy attitude, vitality, well-being, and enables the body to heal itself. This balance increases our sense of awareness and our sense of the mind/body/spirit connection. Darkfield studies have shown the machine significantly improves oxygen levels.


   Studies show that an overall balancing effect occurs, along with a significant increase in the number of negative ions. Ions are atoms or molecules that have lost or gained electrons [Free radicals are unpaired electrons]. If the atoms or molecules lose electrons, they become positively charged ions. If they gain electrons, they become negatively charges ions. The ionic technique of cleansing thru feet provides a full body purge of all vital organs, resulting in reduced menopause symptoms, menstrual cramps, sexual health problems, skin problems, acne, sleep problems, restlessness, stress, toothaches, vaginal dryness, wrinkles, candida and yeast infections. The internal cleansing also results in faster disease healing and injury recovery..

   See partial list of

   Liver Detoxification

   Purge Heavy Metals

   Increase Energy and Reduce Stress

   Internal Cleansing with Full Body Purge

   Improve Sexual Health

   Significant Pain Relief

   Improve Memory and Sleep

   Liver, Kidneys and Parasite Cleanse

   Wrinkles, Acne & other Skin Problems

   Enhance Immune System

   Water has an almost perfect balance of positive and negative ions. Since the body is composed of about 70% water, its ability to interact with water is very high. When you immerse a body mass into water, the vibrational frequency of the water will affect the vibrational frequency of the body due to the interaction of the magnetic and electrical fields. Consequently, the ION CELL CLEAN Spa unit is one of the best detox products. It is an exceptionally wonderful and natural healing tool. It is painless, with no drugs, and no harmful side effects.

   skin and beauty applications

   Rashes, dark circles under the eyes, swollen joints, yellow-green and blotched complexions often indicate a buildup of tissue acid wastes inside the body. Several lonCleanse sessions along with dietary modifications have been shown to substantially reduce and even eliminate these conditions.


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