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Subject Re


Date 2007-08-16 12:02:30.0


Dear Mayu Karin,


How are you?


As we said last time,there is lots of brand ion cell cleanse in Japan,So some of the research is not true ,without effect.


However our customer always think your products is the best after their research,but there isn't enough proof to persuade more clients.Now our customer treatment machine,can you supply some undee picture that machine can bring low frequency? If you can pls send it to me.thanks!


Best Regards






Feedback II




Dear karen


hi good day Karen  and to everyone,im still here in phils.right now and im doing good businesss with my unit in my clinic,people who tested the cleansing have a very good testimony about our ion cleanse,one of my client was even able to walk after 10 sessions of cleansing within almost 1 month,and thats a very good start,and a very good living testimony,as of now im pretty much busy of stablishing my small branch clinic in a nearby municipality so i think my comeback in hongkong will be delayed after 2 months i`ll be there,hope for more orders,,,,wish to see our new products.




hope to see you sooner,give my regards to everybody


jojo d.






Feedback III 




Very good Karin,




your product saved my life recently, in case you were wondering. 


I was dying from a savage auto-immune dsiease from severe lead poisioning and


was completely cured by the cleanser.  I now wish others to have the same


benefits - very great intesest already in this revelutionary way of fixing the


causes of disease!  We make corrosion controllers for 18 years also for the


oil and gas pipeline industry - same technology, so understand how it all


works as I am the design engineer of these products and owner of AERL.  Many


thanks and looking forward to a fruitful and long association.




Best Regards,




Stuart Watkinson (Mng.Dir.AERL P/L)


Australian Energy Research Labs P/L


336 Lawsons Broad Rd.,




Queensland, Australia




Phone: +61 7 416** 308


Fax:    +61 7 416** 197


Mobile:     0428 7** 253 


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